The Comet 14 is a classy boat of about thirteen tons, designed by the Finot group in collaboration with Fauroux, sloop equipped , with the Genoa in masthead.
Built in 1982 in the Comar company in controlled humidity and temperature environment for the best reliability in the time of the fiberglass and the gelcoat.
It fully achieves the purposes for which it was designed, for a comfortable, fast, safe and simple cruise.
One man is enough to maneuver this large boat which, with medium-light winds, proves to be very fast, maintaining great stability in all the gaits.
Fast and at the same time easy to maneuver without abandoning the cockpit thanks to the rolling main sail and rolling genoa , furling system and all the quickdraws in the cockpit.
It can be conducted by a middle-aged couple.

Row obediently to the skipper with fifteen degrees of inclination without the slightest pull on the steering wheel, which turns practically by itself, with minimal speed, and stretches to seven knots of wide bowline when the true wind does not exceed five.
The deck equipment was curated by Cino Ricci (helmsman of AZZURRA).
At the bow the swiveling jib drum is under the deck thread, to eliminate aerodynamic disturbances and space on the bow.
Interesting solutions are the exuberant but easily controllable engine, which allows you to travel at speeds of up to nine knots and the air exchange system into the engine compartment, very important in mediterranean climates.
It has ample stern volumes. this made it possible to make this part of the hull more slender and with more gentle exits.
The flat deck with elegant lines, not disturbed by bulk, allows you to sunbathe comfortably lying to all people on board. Renewed in 2018 with the application of non-slip KIWIGRIP .
Immediately aft of the mast the deck is raised with a black Plexiglas windshield that extends towards the stern thus delimiting the large area of the cockpit in a central and sheltered position.

The cockpit is comfortable, not too deep, with a sturdy column of the Sorimar steering wheel (the same company that oversaw the realization of the Azzurra wheelhouse).
The cockpit is well protected by Spray Wood and large Bimini reducible and furling in very strong wind.
The bimini is equipped with a system of sheets, which can be attached with hinges, which provide a complete closure of the cockpit for protection from intense rain and cold temperature.
The deck equipment, with all the maneuvers sent back to the cockpit, has been studied in detail by Cino Ricci, who personally took care of the layout, aimed at making the maneuver in every situation as natural and easy as possible.
The cockpit leads to the inside of the boat via two staircases, one towards the bow that leads to the sleeping area, the other towards the stern accessing the saloon. It has elegant and functional interiors and finishes. The average height of the interior (including cabins) is 1.90 meters. The interior fittings are made of African rosewood, a wood that combines strength and inalterability with a sober elegance.
At the stern there is a large saloon, the main element of which is a cozy U-shaped sofa that surrounds a quadrangular rosewood table on three sides.
Under the table, soundproofed and hermetically insulated and externaly cooled with forced air circulation, are placed the engine and Sdrive . By raising the table and moving it in the corridor, you have complete access to every part of the engine and Sdrive allowing easy maintenance of the same.
The chart area is located on the left side while the well-equipped galley is on the opposite side.
In the boat center there are fresh water and diesel tanks and a large well-organized galley area.
In addition, the two bathrooms are symmetrically positioned with respect to the longitudinal axis of the hull and two other large cabins each with a double bed and a superimposed bunk.
The owner’s cabin is forward.

Further on there is a last compartment, accessible from the deck, usable as a sails haul and storage room for fenders, sheets and various tops or alternatively as a cabin for the sailor.
The qualities of habitability and comfort so summarily described are no less than the excellent performance that this hull is able to offer even to the most demanding: the agile design of the water lines allows you to make the most of even the lightest breezes allowing this boat of about 13 tons of displacement to slide on the waves transmitting a feeling of lightness that, with the increase of the force of the wind, is transformed with a sure and gradual progression, in an expression of power, clear, natural, completely without of those aspects of shadowiness found on other racers.
It is not less the motorized navigation that can take place with speeds up to 9 knots.
These features and 1200 liters of fresh water tank, 400 liters diesel tank, 170 liters of black water tank make the boat suitable for the most demanding cruises, even oceanic ones.

  • German flag
  • General good status.
  • Absence of osmosis (the boat has always been put to dry in the period October-June until 2012).
  • Comar yard – Forlì
  • Model COMET 14
    -FAROUX designer
  • Year of construction 1982
  • Serial number 5
  • Material fiberglass
  • Overall length 14 meters
  • Floating length 12 meters
  • Maximum width 4.30 meters
  • Deployment with empty water and diesel tanks 13,000 kg
  • PIN OF THE KEEL Cast iron 5000 kg
  • Shape 2.2 meters
  • Wheelhouse in the central cockpit
  • Berths n. 10 (8 in three rooms + 2 in dinette)
  • Bathrooms with shower n. 2 (plus outdoor shower with hot water)
  • Water tanks n. 3 Stainless steel – for a total of 1500 liters
  • Diesel tank n. 1 Stainless steel – 400 liters
  • Black water tank n. 1 Stainless steel – 170 liters
  • VOLVO PENTA MD21B diesel engine 61 hp COMPLETELY REVISED IN 2008 WITH


  • ANCHOR main ORIGINAL DELTA 15 KG + 100mt chain
  • ANCHOR secondary 2 ORIGINAL BRUCE 20 KG
  • back ANCHOR DANFORT 10 KG + 8mt stainless steel chain
  • Anchors aweigh LOFRAN 1500 W with remote control from bow and cockpit
  • MAST NEMO PAINTED IN 2018 WITH APPROPRIATE BICOMPONENT EPOXY PAINT.and completely revised with replacement of all rivets in MONEL rivets. –
  • RAILWAYS completely replaced in 2006.
    -WINCHS manuals n.11
    -WINCH electric n.1
  • NEMO manual foresail furler Available manuals
    -BAMAR 2016 manual wheel-furler Available manuals
    -Bimini With 3 side parts that can be added with hinges and 3 transparent parts for complete winter closure of the cockpit
  • Swimming ladder – gangway

-A Panel Autopilot on chart table – NECO NM692 MK 3 (with operator’s manual)

  • main radio panel Panel on chart table –
    Cobra Marine 25w With mast distress antenna function (with operator manual)
  • Icom portable radiotelephone 5w with rechargeable batteries
  • Battery monitor Panel on table correspondence -Nasa marine (with operator’s manual)
    and on-board monitor control.
  • Radiotelex Weatherman Panel on table correspondence -Nasa marine (with operator’s manual)
  • -Navtex 1 USB on PC on chart table – Nasa marine (with operator’s manual)
  • -A.I.S./SART radar Panel on chart table – Nasa marine (with operator’s manual)
  • Water level indicator Panel on chart table
  • Diesel level indicator Panel on chart table
  • hour engine gear indicator Panel on chart table
  • Depth of the bottom and speed of the boat Panel on helm wheel – Navman MULTI (with operator manual) and on-board control monitor.
  • Rudder bar angle Angle Indicator on Steering Wheel
  • Meters Chain counter on Helm Wheel- HORTZ (with Operator’s Manual)
  • Speed & angle of Wind on Steering wheel-Navman Wind 3150sWith masthead sensor (with operator’s manual) and on-board control monitor.
  • Analog weather station Panel on chart table
  • Digital meteorological station Panel on chart table
  • Manual anemometer
  • bearing bearing
  • NAVIONICS navigation software on Tablet Panel on chart table
  • Surveillance camera with internet control
  • WiFi router for internet connection of the PC on board
  • On-board control with TV monitor, or on Tablet / mobile-phone or direct on the internet through WiFi onboard router and optical-acoustic alarms related to:
    • Batteries
    • Engine
    • Navigation
    • Solar panels
    • Wind
      ( Panel on chart table with operator’s manual)


  • Hot-cold deck shower
    -Boiler for hot water For distribution over the entire boat -Heated to 220 Volts or from the engine coolant
  • Fridge with 12 Volts compressor and mechanical compressor on the engine
  • Gas stove ENO 3 burners + oven
  • WEBASTO AIR TOP 5000 diesel hot air heating with diesel engine supply (with operator’s manual)
  • Terrestrial digital GLOMEX ANTENNA in masthead (with operator’s manual)
  • UNITED -LED 22 ”16/9 12VOLTS on-board TV – Panel on chart table (with operator’s manual)
  • PC board with HDMI monitor on board TV WINDOWS10 with HDMI video output on LED TV
  • MERON WiFi TV network – For TV on tablet in the whole boat – inside chart table
  • FM radio with CD player PIONEER – with Aux bluetooth input – A panel on the chart table
  • Audio Amplifier MAGNAT100 + 100 w – internal chart table
    -4 Internal audio speakers


  • ROLLING MAINSAIL 51.5 Mq 16.875.54 Good status
  • ROLLING GENOA head shaft 50.8 Sqm – 14.007.95 Good status
  • SPINNAKER 177 Sqm SL 8.80 SMW = 9.94 Good status
  • JENNAKER Good status
  • STORM JIB 14.5 Mq 9.7 4.02 Good status


  • 220V socket from quay
  • 2 BATTERIES 100 AMP. year 2016
  • 4 BATTERIES75 AMP. year 2016
  • SOLAR PANELS 2 10 amperes (5 amperes x 2)
  • AUTOMATIC BATTERY CHARGER at two charge levels (HIGH-LOW)
  • INVERTER 12VDC / 220VAC -1500 WATTS 1
  • 12 VOLTS ADJUSTABLE FANS in the Salon and Rooms
  • 220volts distribution on outlets distributed in rooms and living room


  • CO 2 2016 EXTINGUISHER 1
  • Automatic electric bilge pump 12 volts
  • Manual bilge pump



  • SCHEMA (COMAR) electrical system
  • Manual (VOLVO) of the engine workshop and Sdrive
  • Manual (NECO) autopilot
  • Manual (COBRA-MARINE) of the VHF radio
  • Manual (LA SYSTEM) of the on-board control
  • Periodic maintenance manual
  • Spare parts list
  • HISTORIOGRAPHIC interventions on the engine
  • HISTORIOGRAPHIC interventions on the MAST, rigging, hull, deck


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